Track February 2020

Job description

We are looking for motivated individuals who want to make a career switch towards software development.

  • After applying, you will have to partake in our selection procedure. 
  • Upon being selected, you will become employed as a software developer by one of our partners. 
  • In February 2020, your new career will start with an intensive training of 4 months, transforming you into a software developer.
  • After the 4-month training you'll integrate a software team at your employer


You don't have to be a software developer yet, we will make one out of you. Dreaming of a career as a software developer? Then this might be something for you!

However, you have to be sure you want to make the career switch into software development and have taken some prior steps to prove this. Do you have a passion for IT and programming, a good set of brains, the will to work hard and are you eager to learn? Great, then you are exactly what we need.

  •  Bitten by the programming microbe.
  •  Highly motivated.
  •  Mature and professional.
  •  Analytical and eager to learn.